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By Chris K. H. Teo

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Cancer Success Stories: Book 1 - In Search of A Cure

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Cancer Success Stories: Book 1 - In Search of A Cure
by Chris K. H. Teo

Category :
General: Healing Stories

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In Search of a Cure

Evidence-based holistic treatment of cancers! 

This book contains sixty-one stories about people struggling and searching for cure of their cancers. Many people have the notion that only medical science and procedures like surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy and other state-of-the art drugs can cure their cancers. Unfortunately, a cure remains ellusive. Many people  lost their cancer battle, in spite of the use of such scientific weapons.


For those who failed, perhaps there is still time to reevaluate their strategy. This book documents an altervative method to cancer managment. There may be still hope when people say you have no hope!



Foreword by Y.B. Dato' Seri Law Hieng Ding, Minister of Science, Technology & the Environment 

Introduction: Oriental Healing Wisdom and the 20th Century Science

Chapter 1 The Healing Path: Our Way

Chapter 2 Searching for A Cure: Modern Medicine vs. Holistic Healing

Chapter 3 Searching for A Cure: Liver Cancer

Chapter 4 The Placebo and Brain Cancer

Chapter 5 Herbs or Chemo-drugs that Harm?

Chapter 6 Is There A Cure for Cancer?




 Albert Einstein once said that: If at first the idea is not absurd, then there is no hope for it. These words carry a simple but deep and meaningful message. Very often we take it that if someone comes up with a new idea which does not conform with our norms or present day thinking, we brush it off as absurd. We either detest or condemn it as something worthless or pass judgement before unbiased evaluation.


The aim of science is to explore knowledge, to test old assumptions and to seek new truth. Scientists should not be contented to just fold their arms and watch the world go by. Some ideas may appear absurd but like Einstein said, they may prove useful to mankind in the future. So, such research activities should be viewed positively, encouraged and supported.  In this respect, I find the work of Dr. Teo very interesting and commendable. Although he has retired from being a professor at the university he is still very much a scientist and is involved in the research of herbal medicine for cancer, a field of study which I believe is most challenging. I am aware that cancer is a serious worldwide health problem today. We need more than the perspectives of medical science to help understand and solve this problem, or at the very least contribute to lessen the pains and sufferings of the cancer patients if at all a cure is elusive.


Though the use of traditional herbs is popular among Malaysians, unfortunately, their effectiveness and benefits are poorly or not adequately documented. Much of the benefits of traditional cures are passed on through words of mouth. There is, therefore, a need for some sort of scientific documentation on the use of traditional medicine. In this, I am indeed glad and would like to congratulate Dr. Chris K. H. Teo for writing this book, Cancer Success Stories Book 1: In Search of A Cure. I am sure that in the process of carrying out his responsibility to help his fellowmen, Dr.Teo had encountered many obstacles but all the same he seemed to be able to overcome them. I believe and hope that he will continue to do this good work for many more years to come and would not abandon this noble effort of seeking the truth for the benefit of us all.


(Dato' Seri Law Hieng Ding)

Minister of Science, Technology & the Environment,






Chapter 2: Medical Science vs. Holistic Healing


Gary Zukav (in The Seat of the Soul) wrote these beautiful words: from the perspective of the Universe, the language of comparison is not the language of lesser and better, but of limitation and opportunity. Viewed from the point of love, by comparing we are not trying to point fingers at one another or trying to prove who is the greater. If we have to compare, it is for the sole purpose of wanting to know what our limitations are and where the opportunities lie. Our existence on earth is an experience to share love with our fellowmen. The noble ideal is not to exploit others just because we are a better educated lot or are in a more fortunate position. So, in this book I relate cases of those who benefited from taking herbs and those who underwent medical treatments. The aim is not to cast bad shadows on medical treatments but rather to highlight their limitations. We always advise patients to see their doctors. We know that when it comes to cancer we need the fullest co-operation of experts from all fields of healing. Let us all participate in helping one another with love and wisdom.


In this chapter I have grouped the stories under two headings. In the first heading are stories of those who had undergone the best of medical treatments but still failed to find a cure. They came to us for help perhaps to see what else could be done. Of course, some came because they had no other options left. In featuring these stories, some people might accuse me of being biased for these stories concern only medical failures and none on medical success. Unfortunately, we do not get to see and help those who succeeded in their medical treatments. They have no reason to come and see us in the first place. So when reading these stories, do not get the impression that all the medical cases ended in failures. The reality of life is that in any human endeavor, there are always successes and there are failures. One does not exist without the other. That is the rule of Nature. But unfortunately, in cancer there are more failures than successes.  In spite of this we still encourage cancer patients to see their doctors and get the best that medical science can offer but with only one advice: Know the limits of medical science.


Under the second heading I document stories of patients who opted for the so-called unproven, unscientific path to healing. This is often referred to as quackery. Perhaps with the proper documentation of cases over the years, the educated world may wake up one morning and realise that holistic healing is scientific after all.


About the Author


Dr. Chris K. H. Teo, Dip.Agric.(M), B.Sc. Agric(Hons)(M), M.S., Ph.D.(Hawaii), Dip.I. Hom., was formerly a professor of Botany. He taught and researched at Universiti Sains Malaysia for twenty six years. He has written about two dozen books and numerous research papers in national and international journals. He was a fellow of the Matsume International Foundation (1984), a research fellow of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation (1977) and a fellow of the German Academic Exchange Services (1975). He was a member of the panel of experts appointed by the Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment, to review research projects under IRPA programmes. He was an assessor for professorial appointments in some local universities and a referee for research journals in Malaysia. In 1994, he was appointed a consultant to the United Nations Development Programme (UNPD-OPS) and the government of Bhutan. Chris and his wife, Beng Im founded CA Care in 1995.



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